Cardiac Surgeries

When we think about heart issue or heart surgery, it’s quite frightening and stressful, but it will give some peace in mind when we came to know about the top ranked Heart Hospital of India having the best highly qualified doctor’s team who are using the latest technology to treat their patients. Yes, Dana Shivam Heart & Superspeciality Hospital has became top ranked hospital in cardiac surgery treatment in Jaipur, Rajasthan and among the best heart hospitals of India .Our doctors see more than 4,500 outpatients of heart and performs more than 2,000 heart operations annually. Our highly trained Surgeons, physicians, nurses and other care givers works in a team to give the best output so that the patients surgery and hospital stay become successful and comfortable .

Dana Shivam Hospital surgeons are on the front edge of treating cardiothoracic & cardiovascular conditions by using their best and latest innovations (minimum invasive heart surgery) and also the robot assisted heart surgery treatment .

Our doctors treat many complex procedures, such as:

Open heart surgery / Heart failure treatment
• Surgery to treat congenital heart disease in adults
• Surgery of congenital heart defects present in children
• Heart valve repair and heart valve replacement surgery.

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