Radiology is a branch of medicine relate with the use of radiant energy like X-rays or radioactive material in the diagnosis and treatment of disorder. In Radiology medical imaging technique is used to diagnose the disease and sometimes also treat diseases within the body. A variety of imaging techniques used to diagnose or treat diseases/disorder are:

• X-ray radiography.
• Sonography.
• Ultrasound.
• Computed tomography scan (CT scan).
• Nuclear medicine including positron emission tomography (PET).
• Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

At Dana Shivam Hospital, we have a complete dedicated team for Radiology including the best Radiology Specialist who are highly experienced in Interventional radiology. Interventional radiology is the performance of (usually minimally invasive) medical procedures with the guidance of imaging technologies.

Radiology Doctor

Dr. Sanju Palsania

    Dr. Sanju Palsania

Dr. Sanju Palsania

M.D. (Radio-Diagnosis)

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