Dana Shivam Hospital’s vision is to be respected nationally for the care we do of our patients and to become a trusted name in the field of health care.


• Patient First

Patients and their health are the first priority for us, Caring for patients is the most important thing we do at Dana Shivam Hospital.

• Caring

Each & every Dana Shivam Hospital’s staff member carefully handles the lives of the patients in our Hospital. We treat those we serve with gentleness and understanding and aim to better understand and react to the needs of various communities.

• Society Involvement

Our team is dedicated for improving the health and mental stability of the society we serve.

Vision values mission dana shivam hospital in jaipur

• Safety

We know family of Patient have placed the life of their patient and health in our hands. As per the rules of medicine at Dana Shivam Hospital our first priority is to protect patient from any type of harm.

• Teamwork

Dana Shivam Hospital staff believes that we have to work toward a common objective with a positive approach.

• Excellence

In Dana Shivam Hospital, we only know to do the best. We work in team to fetch experience, latest technology and best implementations to bear in providing the advance quality care for our patients. We devote ourselves for continuous enhancement, excellence, professionalism and innovation in our work to provide you the best.

• Respect

Our staff believes that each patient and person we reach should be valued and treated with dignity, courtesy and respect.

• Integrity Our treated patients and our working manner tells the world what Dana Shivam Hospital is and what we stand for. We work responsibly in every task we do and hold ourselves countable for our actions. We respect our patients, families and staff and cooperate the well being of the communities we serve & care.


Our mission is to improve the health and healing of the patient and society we serve & care.

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