Kidneys basically looks like a pair of bean shaped organs located on either side of the spine. Our kidney act like a purifier which purifies the blood by removing out metabolic waste products and excess fluids exist in our body. But when our kidney stops purifying or can say stop filtering, at that time dialysis is the second option to restart the purification procedure of the blood in the body. Dialysis is the process which diverts the blood to a Dialysis machine to filter the unnecessary or harmful metabolic waste and excess fluids from the body.

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When is dialysis recommended?

A Nephrologist will recommend dialysis in the presence of either of the below conditions:
• Final stage of renal disease or chronic renal failure.
• Acute kidney injury

Types of Dialysis

There are two types of Dialysis:
• Hemodialysis
• Peritoneal dialysis

Precautions to be taken during dialysis

• Take erythropoietin and vitamins supplements as advised by the doctor to fulfill the hormones that are usually generated by the kidneys.
• Take iron supplements and folic acid so that they can generate red blood cells and prevent anemia.
• Take calcium supplements to treat with bone related diseases.
• Take the proper diet as adviced by the doctor. Avoid eating food items rich in potassium, phosphorus, salt and also avoid excess fluid consumption.
• Consult with Nephrologist if you have symptoms like fever, chills, skin itches and cough.
• Report to emergency department instantly if you find:
» Blue spot or pale color in fingers
» High B.P
» Dizziness or acute headedness
» Chest pain or Vomiting.
» Very little to no urine is passing.

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