MD Physician & ICU

Dana Shivam is a multi speciality hospital having dedicated Critical / General care unit with Best General Physician in Jaipur who will first study your disease then will diagnose and treat accordingly.

Role of Physician

The role of the physician on a health care team is like a multi-tasker. The physician's duty are based on regulated range of practice. The physician is well qualified to provide leadership in maintaining and supervising the patient's overall health care.

How does a physician diagnose a disease?

A diagnosis is basically based on laboratory reports or on the test results, rather than the physical inspection of the patient body. For example, a total diagnosis of infectious diseases generally requires both an examination of signs and symptoms, as well as laboratory reports of the agent that is responsible for the disease.

MD Physician & ICU Doctor

Dr. C.P. Suthar

    Dr. C.P. Suthar

Dr. C.P. Suthar

Physician Diabetologist & Intensivist
MD (Medicine)

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